Need Some Helpful Tips Moving Your Office?

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Commercial Mover Tips on What Not to Do

  • Not taking time to properly plan a move.
    Don’t even attempt skimping on the planning phase; it’s vital to a successful commercial move. Take the time right at the beginning to create a foundation, and get off to a head start. Consider the following listed below.
  • Create an effective relocation crew that has a strong team leader and crew that will help with all aspects of a move.
    Create a task list of everything which has to be done. This will help track and monitor your team’s progress.
    Identify commercial mover vendors required for the transition. Take the time to thoroughly vet these so you will hire the proper companies that will produce good results.
    Draw up a budget to help you identify, track and stay within budget.
    Assess your situation and create a strategy for your office items and business operating systems which will minimize your businesses downtime.
  • Creating disruptions to your business operations because you simply don’t know how what to do. If you have never moved business before, then you couldn’t know everything which happens to reduce a business’ closing time. The reality of it is, some learn as they go through the moving process, this will put a business at risk. The best way to prevent a chaotic move is by understanding all the elements that are involved and drawing up a job list. Take the time to completely assess your relocation goals, and make a list of everything you have to do before and after you relocate.
  • The transfer of equipment and services is the most complex part of a move. It’s also the most important part if a business relies on communications to work. Issues with transferring technology come up when one does not completely understand their business’ technology or does not have a realistic plan for the changeover. You can avoid both by checking out your technology and communications systems. Another area of focus is preparing your new office in order to house your technology.

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