Need to Move Across the State Due to Your Job?

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How to Move Cross Country Using a Long Distance Mover

If you are moving long distance, you have numerous options to choose from. You could fly and get your belongings shipped, you can drive your vehicle and tow your items using a trailer, or you could hire a moving truck. You could hire a crate, pack at your own leisure, and get it shipped to you, or you could hire a long distance mover to do it all for you. By performing preliminary research, you will be able to determine which choice will be the cheapest and the most expedient for you.

Perform an inventory of your belongings.
Take stock on everything you have, this can range from furniture to vehicles and other heavy things which take up a lot of space.

How much are these worth?
If it costs more to ship these than to buy new, will you be willing to let them go?

Take pictures to document everything valuable.
This provides you with a timestamped record of the state your possessions were in whilst in your care.

If you decide to buy insurance, make sure to get replacement cost insurance. The other type is based upon the replacement cost of the item’s weight, and not its value.

Obtain quotes for trailers and moving vans.
There are several different choices. Make sure you do your research, and keep a record of all quotes you obtain. Once you do your calculations, you are better able to assess what is going to work better with the resources you have.

Plan ahead if you require a hitch. If you require a hitch for your car, ensure they have it in stock. Often, you will need to order it, and this could take several days before it arrives.

If you decide to hire a moving van – how much is it going to cost for the size you require, and how many days and what distance does that price cover?

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